12th Night of Evil

After witnessing the increasing strength of Evil that the Narkib Spires, the party made a foolhardy decision to stay for the 12th night of Odrun's ritual.

After spending the morning resting up from the previous night's encounter with the Yeth Hounds, the party decided to explore the surrounding area. Several hundred yards away from the spires, they found seven freshly made graves. Each grave bore the mark of Nizâmara, the Queen of Darkness.

The Fimbul Winter

The Fimbul winter has arrived,
...And soon the world will cease to be.

The Road to a Cursed Town

After spending the night in the shadows of the Temple of Nazuk-Narbog, the party began the road to Niddurok's missing town.

Giant Ambush

While passing beneath a ridge, two hill giants began throwing boulders at the party. Through a cloud of darkness, the giants manage to kill the party's mule, but ultimately failed in their ambush.

Despite some serious injuries, the host dispatched the hill giants and found their nearby loot. Among the valuables where a number of sashes, apparantly taken from familiar foes.

Enter the Temple of Nazuk-Narbog

The story thus far...

As the party rests from their recent battle this evening, and to sample the spoils of battle, they pause to reflect on the course of recent events.

After chasing rumors of orcs who were organizing under the leadership of men in at least three distinct but allied bands, they find that entire villages are being pressed into service for some kind of coming skirmish.

Skirmish Near the Ruins of Nazuk-Narbog

After rescuing Raelith, the party decides the best course of action is to head off any orcs that may have escaped that knew of the whereabouts of the Rods of Kadriel. Raelith, despite his many years of study, seems a little lost at the eleventh hour.

Catching up to Ghorul and Raelith at last

The party finally catches up to Ghorul and his men, and finds Raelith with them. However, is the wizard a captive of this gang, or helping them?

Into the Mountains

The party decides to go after Raelith's abductors and prevent the Rods of Kadriel (whatever those are) from falling into the wrong hands. They set out on their trail in hopes of rescue, and to maybe find out what's going on with the recent Orc threat.

A Bad Day in the Woods

Being chased by a search party of pressgang bullies and mercenaries isn't a great way to live. Sometimes, the best thing to do is it to turn around and hit back.

Pressed Into Service

After some much needed help from a local dryad, the party heads south. Shortly, they find themselves (quite literally) at a crossroads, not sure which way to go.

Setting Out for Adventure

November 10, 498

Five strangers meet in a tavern in the village of Brechin called the Brave Gargoyle, and learn of many things going on in what, on the surface, appears to be a sleepy mining supply town.

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